Entranosa is a nonprofit, member-owned community water system organized as a cooperative association. The Mission of Entranosa is to reliably provide a safe supply of drinking water to its’ membership; to encourage water conservation in the region’ protect the aquifer from which the water supply is drawn’ and to provide leadership to the community concerning water and wastewater issues.


Entranosa was established by the Horton Family (as Entranosa Water Corporation) in the early 1970’s as a for-profit utility to meet the demand of a growing rural population. Field with birds Subsequently, the family sold the utility to the customers, in 1981, and it was reorganized as a non-profit cooperative association (as Entranosa Water Cooperative). We changed our name in the mid-1990’s



Entranosa is one of the larger community water systems in the State, outside of a municipality, and (as best we can tell) it is the largest cooperative water system, serving in excess of 3100 connections (99 percent of which are residential). In partial fulfillment of its’ stated mission, Entranosa participates in water forums around the State, and provides input to both the Office of the State Engineer and the NM Environment Department on a variety of issues.

The ‘growth’ policy of Entranosa is to provide a clean, safe supply of drinking water to those who need it – if it can, and if such service does not impair service to its’ existing membership customer base. Entranosa is compliant with the primary drinking water requirements of the Safe Drinking Water and the requirements of state law.

Entranosa provides coordination of liquid waste maintenance with members that is compliant with county and state requirements. Participants are set up on maintenance schedules to have their septic tanks pumped on a set schedule, depending on septic tank size, number of people in household, and usage factors. Costs vary based on frequency of pumping and tank size. Entranosa also provides the skills for centralized sewer services, under contract.

Areas Served

The Entranosa area of service is generally described as the East Mountains, ranging from the area around Paako, east toward Stanley in Santa Fe County, and south on State Highway 217 – an area encompassing more than 200 square miles. Entranosa will operate other community water systems, requiring the services of certified operators, under contract, throughout the east mountain area.Service Area Map

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