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Bernalillo County High Efficiency Toilet Retro Fit Assistance Program. For Bernalillo County residents – the County has grant funding available to conduct water usage surveys and assist with your obtaining up to two high efficiency toilets. Contact Carlos Bustos at Public Works – (505) 848-1500. For additional information, High Efficiency Toilet Retro Fit Assistance Program

Friday May 19 - Water Outage

The Leak we were working on is now fixed, we've flushed the system to purge air but you may see cloudy water, which is air, and it will clear up by turning on a faucet and letting some water run...

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Board Meetings

Board Meetings are the third Thursday of the month at 11:30 am in the Entranosa Board Room.   If you would like to attend, lease contact the office so we can make any extra accommodations...

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Water Measurements

Hardness. We measured hardness at the office on April 27th, 2017 at 17 grains.  A grain is approximately 17.1 milligrams per liter. We expect hardness to remain the same for the next couple of...

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