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Entranosa Partners with MIOX for Safe, Pure Water

Almost 20 years ago, Entranosa Water & Wastewater was one of the first customers of an Albuquerque start-up called MIOX Corporation to purify East Mountain water. MIOX uses an electrolytic cell in an on-site chemical generator to combine salt with water and electricity to generate high performance Sodium Hypochlorite or Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) disinfectants. This technology eliminates the need to transport or store hazardous chemicals. MIOX systems are engineered to provide the absolutely lowest cost and most reliable purification on the market. MOS is proven to achieve a rapid and thorough inactivation of a wide range of microbial contaminants, including species highly resistant to chlorine. The technology was developed in 1982 by scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratories. Since then, MIOX has gone to install equipment in more than 3,000 locations globally, including in 1,500 American cities, plus power plants, data centers of Fortune 500 companies and commercial buildings including universities, hospitals and high-security government facilities.