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Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 

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New Construction Requires Installation of PRV

At the February 21 Entranosa Board of Directors meeting, the seven-member Board approved changes to the Membership water service contract. One of the more significant changes effects new construction only: It is the requirement to install a home pressure reducing valve PRV and isolation valve at the home-owner side of the meter. During new construction is the best and least expensive time to install these devices. The home PRV will add a second line of defense from high pressures if Entranosa’s meter PRV fails. The isolation valve will allow home owners to turn off their water if they have a leak in their yard line. One of Entranosa’s largest expenses is the thousands of dollars spent each year turning water on and off for members in addition to dealing with broken meter cans and wireless readers when members get into their meter cans. 

Technology = Saving Members Money

Inspections of Entranosa’s 17 water storage tanks can cost up to $3,000 each. In the past, Entranosa would hire a professional dive team and select three tanks per year to inspect. But technology has changed everything with the purchase of a Gladius Mini, a small, relatively inexpensive underwater drone that can video the inside of tanks showing which need cleaning or repair. The new underwater ROV will allow all 17 tanks to be inspected annually so the tanks that need a service can be the focus for divers. Part of the tank repair process involves taking the tank out of service, decontaminating the wet suits and equipment prior to divers entering the tank and lowering water levels. In addition, Entranosa CEO Jack Crider purchased a personal aerial drone so Entranosa staff can use it to inspect the outsides of tanks, eliminating most of the need for staff to climb on tanks.