Welcome to the Official Website of Entranosa Water & Wastewater Association

Our Mission

  • Reliably supply quality drinking water at a reasonable price to our membership, such that the Association is self-sustaining
  • Promote water conservation
  • Provide leadership for our Community concerning water and wastewater issues
  • Protect our ground water resources through environmentally responsible business practices
  • Pursue water & wastewater service opportunities in the East Mountain and Estancia Basin Regions



This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Welcome to Entranosa Water & Wastewater!

WELCOME...   Entranosa Water & Wastewater is a non-profit, private, cooperative.   We attempt to serve all reasonable requests for water service within our service area.  Our service meets all State and County requirements. 

Entranosa Information

The office of Entranosa Water & Wastewater Association will be closed for theChristmas Holiday on Friday December 23 and Monday December 26.  We will reopen at 9 am on Tuesday Dec. 27, 2022. The office will also be closed for New Years on Monday January 2, 2023. The emergency telephone number will be staffed in case of a water emergency. The phone number is 505-604-5935. 

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Entranosa Water & Wastewater Association has changed its policy regarding members attending monthly Board of Directors meetings. 

As of October, the new policy is:  “Members are allowed to attend Board of Directors meetings, but must notify the office 48 hour in advance in order to have available a Board meeting packet.  Attending Members must abide by Guest Policy for attending Board meetings.”  The next Board meeting is at 11:30 am on Thursday December 15, 2022. This policy was developed in 2020 and was suspended temporarily due to the pandemic.  To read the Guest Policy click here.

Another important piece of business at this year's annual membership meeting on Sept. 17 was the vote on changes to the Bylaws. The Bylaws changes passed with a 2/3 vote. The vote was:  184 Yay to 57 Nay. Entranosa's staff will be busy in the upcoming months preparing financial impact statements for our entire membership, mostly due to the termination of the septic program. 

Entranosa Water & Wastewater's 2021 Consumer Confidence Report is now available for members to read. The previous year is the most current report on the quality of Entranosa's water. Our members can be confident in the quality of the water we provide. The report is posted on this site or you can click here to read the full PDF. Click here.

Entranosa Water & Wastewater Association has added a new feature to this website. From time to time, equipment in our inventory is declared surplus by the Board of Directors. Entranosa members and staff have the first right to purchase or decline on surplus property, then it goes on the market to others to purchase. To find photos, minimim bids, and timelines, go to the "Forms & Reports" tab at the top of this page. Pull down the menu and go to "Surplus Property for Sale or Auction" page. From there, you can access PDF discriptions of the surplus equipment. 

Bernalillo County is sponsoring an excellent Water Conservation Incentive Program and Entranosa members are eligible for savings. Go to waterconservation@bernco.gov for details. 

The Office of the State Engineer issued a report detailing guidelines for water right application in the Estancia Basin. It is a long document, so it may take a few minutes to load. Please click here to read the report. 

Entranosa has updated it policies regarding Meter Cans and Water Theft. The policies are posted here. Please take a moment to read them. 

Click here to read the 2020 Meter Can Policy.

Click here to read the 2020 Water Theft Policy.


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Water Measurements

April 07, 2019

Hardness. We measured 15 grains of hardness at the office for the month of October  2022.  Reading was taken on November 28, 2022.

Average Household Usage: Average household usage for November was 4,823 gallons; October was 7,996 gallons; September was 6,619; August was 8,641 gallons; July was 9,914gallons; June was 8,478 gallons; May was 6,704 gallons; April was 3,986; March was 4,048; February was 4,404 gallons; and January was 4.542 gallons.  The average Entranosa bill was $50. 

Grain per gallon (gpg) is a unit of water hardness defined as 1 grain (64.8 milligrams) of calcium carbonate dissolved in 1 US gallon of water (3.785412 L). It translates into 1 part in about 58,000 parts of water or...

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